dual actuator trim tabs
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Dual Actuator Stainless Steel Trim Tabs

The Lectrotab dual actuator mounted stainless steel trim tabs are designed to double the pushing force compared to single actuator tabs. All stainless steel tabs are fabricated with a continuous rolled and pinned hinge. This design eliminates the need for welding. The tabs are made of corrosion resistant 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel and are available in standard finish (as shown), or black powder coated stainless steel. Standard tabs are available in 12" (30cm) chord lengths and in widths between 12" (30cm) and 48" (122cm). See specification chart for dimensional details. All tabs exceeding a 24" (61cm) width feature a 90 degree bent up trailing edge for additional strength. Edges can be turned up or down, made straight or tapered, and reinforced in any way. For galvanic protection, pre-installed zinc anodes are also available.

dual actuator stainless steel trim tabs
  • Trim tabs designed for 2 actuators per tab mounting
  • Doubles the pushing force compared to single actuator tabs (2000 lbs per tab)
  • Strong, corrosion resistant 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Continuous rolled and pinned hinge provides added strength and eliminates welding
  • Standard chord lengths available in 12" (30cm) and widths from 12" (30cm) to 48" (122cm)
  • Custom chord lengths and widths are also available
  • Black powder coated finish available
  • Zinc anodes may be installed for additional galvanic corrosion resistance
  • Bent trailing edge standard for tabs exceeding 24" width
  • Includes carriage bolts and nuts for actuator mounting to tab
Tab Width "B" Dimension "X" Center Hole Pattern Repeated
9"/23cm 1.5"/38.1mm 1 Time
12"/30cm 3"/76.2mm 1 Time
18"/46cm 3.33"/84.5mm 2 Times
24"/61cm 5.33"/135.4mm 2 Times
30"/76cm 5"/127mm 3 Times
36"/91cm 6,5"/165.1mm 3 Times
42"/107cm 6"/152.4mm 4 Times
48"/122cm 7"/177.8mm 4 Times
T 12 X 36 - 1306
T = Stainless Steel 12 gauge 1st Number (A) = Tab Chord Length (inches)   2nd Number (B) = Tab Width Across Transom (inches)   1306 = 2 Actuators Per Tab
Model Number Stainless Steel Gauge Tab Size Typical Boat Length
Inches cm Feet Meters
T12x24-1306 12 12x24 30x61 28'-48' 8.5m-14.5m
T12x30-1306 12 12x30 30x76 30'-55' 9.0m-16.5m
T12x36-1306 12 12x36 30x91 34'-60' 10.0m-18.0m
T12x42-1306 12 12x42 30x107 50'-70' 15.0m-21.0m
T12x48-1306 12 12x48 30x122 60'+ 18.0m+