The Trollbuddy system, consisting of a linear actuator, microprocessor control option, and aluminum plate assembly, adjusts trolling speeds on both outboard and inboard/outboard motors to maintain optimal trolling speed.

Trolling speed can be easily adjusted with the control switch, allowing the engine to maintain the correct idle rpm while slowing the boat until the proper trolling speed is achieved.

Using the Trollbuddy system eliminates the added weight, expense and maintenance costs of a "kicker" motor or trolling motor and batteries.


Trollbuddy was recently featured in the Tackle and Toys write-up in the August-September 2019 issue of Great Lakes Angler:

"When Brad Dupuie showed up with his 2019 826 Angler Qwest demo boat to fish my home waters a few days last April he had the new 'toon outfitted with a few new options not available on the previous version. Among the new details was a 300 HP Suzuki four-stroke fitted with a Trollbuddy Trolling Plate..."

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Model Number Overall Plate Size (Length X Width) Engine Horsepower Control Switch Cutout Control Switch DC Voltage Fuse Size Power Input Fuse Size AUX Input
TROLL11X12SB 11"X12" (279mmX305mm) Above 30 HP 2"/50mm (diameter) Oval LED Indicator Switch 12 12vdc = 15 amp 1 or 2 amp
TROLL11X12F 11"X12" (279mmX305mm) Above 30 HP .875”x1.75"/22mmX45mm Rocker Switch 12 12vdc = 15 amp N/A
TROLL8X8SB 8"X8" (203mmX203mm) 20-30 HP 2"/50mm (diameter) Oval LED Indicator Switch 12 12vdc = 15 amp 1 or 2 amp
TROLL8X8F 8"X8" (203mmX203mm) 20-30 HP .875”x1.75"/22mmX45mm Rocker Switch 12 12vdc = 15 amp N/A

Technical Manuals

Installation and Operation Manual
Spec Sheet
Baseplate Template


  • Adjusts and locks-in trolling speed, while maintaining specified engine idle rpm
  • Eliminates added weight and expense of “kicker” motor or trolling motor and batteries
  • Automatically retracts plates with speeds greater than trolling speed with LED control
  • Features quick-connect pins and plug for easy removal
  • Available in both removable clamp-style assembly and permanently mounted
  • Designed for outdrives/outboards 20 HP and larger
  • Optional control keypad with LED indicators to show plate angle
  • LED keypad completely sealed, waterproof (IP68) and UV resistant
  • Automatically dims LED plate position indicators in darkness and brightens in sunlight
  • Manually operated rocker control switch option
  • Operates on 12 Volts DC (Optional 24 Volts DC available)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • CE Approved (Compliance with EMC regulations)


What is the first step to ensure the system will fit my inboard/outboard motor?
Locate the baseplate template at Trollbuddy.com, print and cutout the template to ensure proper alignment, fit as well as hole location on your anti-ventilation/cavitation plate.
Can I install the Trollbuddy System myself or will I need a service technician?
Yes, the Trollbuddy kit comes with everything you will need to successfully install and operate the system. If your comfortable using hand tools and routing the control cable, you should be able to install the kit yourself.
Can I get replacement parts for my Trollbuddy?
Trollbuddy parts are available and can be referenced by the part number in the installation manual.
Can Trollbuddy be removed when not in use?
Yes, the actuator wiring has a weather tight plug, with cap and the Trollbuddy plate (Sr. or Jr.) can be removed and stowed. All components are held in place with snap clips and can be easily removed for storage.
What is the warranty for the Trollbuddy System?
The Trollbuddy system comes with a one-year warranty covering material and workmanship defects on complete Trollbuddy systems. If non-Trollbuddy parts are used, the Trollbuddy parts are covered by a 90-day warranty.
Will Trollbuddy run my battery down?
No, because your engine is running and battery is being charged.
How precise is the speed adjustment of the Trollbuddy System?
Speed control is very precise to .06 mph (.1 kph).
Is the CSETR-61-TROLL electronic led control waterproof?
Yes, the CSETR-61-TROLL control is waterproof IP68 rated and UV resistant.
Can the Trollbuddy be used in saltwater?
The Trollbuddy System can be use in saltwater, and all the components are built to withstand the harsh marine environment.
How much will the Trollbuddy System slow down a boat while trolling?
Trollbuddy can reduce your speed 2 to 3 mph (3.2 to 4.8 kph) while trolling.

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