lectrotab testimonials

Dan, I have been in the customer service business for over 35 years, and I know how important it is to place customers first! With stiff competition and the recent economy, this is no easy task. Your web site indicated "World Class Customer Support" – well, that's exactly what I received and will be happy to pass on my experience with anybody that wants to know about trim tabs and send them your way!

- Neil Palmer, Captain

I recently had to replace a Lectrotab trim acuator on a center console Everglades fishing boat. When I called Lectrotab to find out about a replacement unit and rendered the serial # on the acuator and the year of the boat, I was told the unit was "just" out of warranty. You instructed me to send the unit to you for review. I was pleasantly surprised you still honored the warranty, and in fact, sent us a replacement free of charge. In a tough economy it is comforting to know that there are companies that will "step up" and stand behind their product, rather than hide behind the "out of warranty" clause. In the future when the name Lectrotab comes up, I will certainly mention that you stand behind the products you manufacture and market.

- Robert Thaule, Nichols Yacht Yard

The installation was quite simple (much easier than a Bennett, I was told by the techs). They loved the diagram of how to use the Bennett wiring – that was a real crowd pleaser. The tabs installed nicely, the control went in perfectly, and it's an easy control to use. The LED indicator is a nice feature too. I will definitely recommend Lectrotab to anybody looking to upgrade or even fix their existing tabs.

- Cameron Hancock, Boat Owner